Single Gay Parent? How To Find Love

Find Love | March 13, 2017

Finding Love As A Single Gay Parent

Regardless of your perceived (or real) difficulties as a single gay parent, it is important to recognize that you are just as worthy of love as the next person. If you are struggling with finding love as a gay parent, here are some tips that can help you to find that special person.

  • Embrace Your Situation And Maintain A Positive Mindset

    While not everyone you meet will be open to package deals, recognize that those individuals are simply not right for you. Although you may feel disheartened at the moment, eventually a very special person will enter your life. Until then, embrace the journey that you are on. The important part is maintaining a positive mindset.

  • Do Not Wait To Disclose The Fact You’re A Parent

    You will be that much closer to finding someone who is right for you if you are upfront about the fact that you’re a parent. This is arguably the single most important factor about you and ultimately whether your relationship will work. If he or she is not open to it — and even if they are hesitant — it is in your best interest to simply move on.

  • Ensure That You Are Being Social

    Although a lot of your time may be taken up by your role as a single parent, you will simply not meet people if your bubble has gotten too small. While you could certainly meet other potential single parents at your child’s basketball game, for example, ensure that you’re making an extra effort to be social. If this is not a problem, consider widening your circle. Strike up conversations in unexpected places — don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there.

  • Try a Specialized Gay Dating Service: A Gay Dating Website

    Find gay singles or even gay single parents (if this is something you are looking for) via a gay dating website. The Internet has made it possible to connect with people we never would have otherwise, so use these modern day dating tools as a resource.

  • Use A Professional Gay-Friendly Matchmaking Service

    Another option to find gay singles in addition to something like a gay dating site is to use a professional matchmaking service. After all, they are in business for a reason. Use a gay-friendly matchmaking service as a means to connect with likeminded people who are open to children. Matchmaking services are a great screening process that could save you from unnecessary heartbreak once you find out that person isn’t interested in children.

To find gay singles, consider our matchmaking services at Bespoke Matchmaking. We are a professional matchmaking company. Contact us today for more info.

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