A Single Lesbian’s Secrets to Meeting the RIGHT Partner

Blog | November 15, 2014

Where can I go to find other single women?

• The most common question that almost all single women ask is where I can go to meet other quality eligible singles. To find compatible singles you are attracted to and want to date is difficult for anyone who is single and even more challenging for Lesbian women. They are often “invisible” or not recognizable as being a lesbian or available. The first thing you should ask yourself is what type of relationship are you looking for?

Too often than not the type of women you feel major chemistry and physical attraction too is lots of fun but, not someone you are compatible with or would be able to commit to for a long term relationship. You want to meet not only someone you share chemistry with and are attracted to but, also someone you share common goals and interests with and who shares your core values. They have to be available and willing to commit to a relationship. First you must ask yourself who you are and what you truly want so that you can attract the type of women you will want to spend time getting to know. Pick an activity you enjoy and join a group to do that with once a week. It could be a running group or a theatre group. Just make it something that is social and that you enjoy. Make sure to diversify your search and even when you are not actively looking, always keep your eyes open.

Hire a Matchmaker to Search For you

• The most important thing to remember is to make this an enjoyable experience. Relax and have fun meeting other quality women. Matchmaking is personal and confidential and your matchmaker will have access to other quality women that share your core values. Your matchmaker will take the time to get to know you and ask you questions that you would never think of asking yourself. They will be able to do a personality assessment to help you find the right partner for a long term compatible relationship. The ancient practise of arranging dates is alive and well and who better to do that for you than your own personal matchmaker. Someone who you feel comfortable with and are willing to share your past experiences with so they can help you with the present and the future. Your matchmaker will pre-screen your dates for you and then after your date they will provide you with beneficial post date feedback to help enhance your dating experience and make it enjoyable and successful.

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