Summer Date Ideas for Lesbians

Lesbian Dating | August 2, 2018

Summer Date Ideas For Lesbians

It’s summertime, which means sunshine, fresh air, and opportunities for romance. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just meeting that special woman for the first time, there are so many ways to impress her during the warm summer months. We’ve come up with a list of summer date ideas for lesbians. Try them out and we bet your partner will be asking when the next outing will be!

Surprise Her

The first rule of summertime dating is to include some spontaneity. We all know this aspect tends to fade after you’ve been with your girl for a while. So, why not surprise her with reservations at her favorite restaurant, or a rock-climbing experience for more adventurous types? By taking the time to plan a date and going the extra mile to keep it a secret, she’ll certainly know you care about her happiness.

Lesbians Summer Date Ideas

Plan an Outdoor Excursion

Whether it’s a day at the beach or lunch on a patio, the summer months are perfect for enjoying the outdoors. If you really want to get creative, how about a candlelight picnic in your backyard, decorated with her favorite Chinese lanterns? Or a weekend getaway snuggled up in a tent at your favorite provincial park? The possibilities are endless when the weather is so perfect.

And if you’re tired of the usual excursions, why not revisit the places you loved as a child? Zoos, carnivals, and water parks are super romantic. Plus you can tap into your playful side and reminisce about all the things you loved to do as kids.

Volunteer Together

Nothing is sweeter than spending the day with your loved one making the world a better place. Consider planning a date that involves volunteering together. If you love children, ask your neighborhood community center if there are opportunities to help supervise a kids craft session. Or if your girlfriend enjoys dogs, perhaps there are volunteer sessions at your local animal shelter. Giving blood together is also a rewarding experience given you two are both healthy. You’ll walk away feeling good about your generous deeds and enjoy the time spent together as a team.

Take a Baking Class

Let your girlfriend know she’s a sweetheart by taking a baking class together. What’s more fun than giggling over icing as you bake the perfect cupcake? Baking classes are an excellent way to bond because you’ll be learning new skills together. You can then take your newfound baking knowledge to try out delicious recipes when you get home. Since these sessions are only a couple of hours long, make a day of it by heading to brunch afterward at the place where you two first met. And then for dessert, you can eat those cupcakes you made together earlier in the day.

Have a Photoshoot

Selfies are a blast when they include silly photos of you and your girlfriend! Get ready as you normally would — shower, hair, maybe some makeup — and then go somewhere with a pretty backdrop like a garden park or an old part of town. You don’t need a fancy camera because your smartphone will do the trick. You’ll have a great time taking pictures together and of each other. If you really want to splurge, consider hiring a professional photographer that specializes in couples photos.

And don’t forget to save your pictures! You can surprise her in the months ahead by getting them framed for her birthday or an anniversary.

Play a Game of Tennis

Tennis is a low-key sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter your fitness level. Many courts also happen to be in beautiful parks or fancy country clubs, making this the perfect chance to admire some scenery. Tennis can also be played in doubles, so ask other couples if they’d like to join. After the game, head to a nearby cafe for smoothies and sandwiches. Really want to make things a challenge? Loser cooks dinner!

If tennis doesn’t seem appealing, there are many other sports you could try. Badminton, frisbee, and basketball are perfect summertime activities as well!

Rent a Cabin

Nothing spells summer like a weekend getaway in the forest! Rent a secluded log cabin and head out for a road trip to the countryside. Your girlfriend will love waking up to the birds chirping by the window, watching you cook eggs and toast on the portable stove. Spend the hours relaxing at a nearby lake or go for a hike and explore the wide-open trails. If you and your girlfriend enjoy cycling, don’t forget to bring your bikes along too.

Visit a Winery

The summer months are a wonderful time to visit your favourite wineries. If you’ve never been to a vineyard, you’re missing out. Nothing is more romantic than smelling fresh grapes and taste-testing a bunch of wines. There are often delicious lunch packages included in winery tours, so be sure to inquire during booking.

Many vineyards also happen to be out in rural areas, so consider surprising your girlfriend with an overnight stay at a local bed & breakfast. After touring the winery circuit, head out to dinner at one of the nearby restaurants and explore the town’s main strip. You’ll usually find boutique shops, bakeries and old-timey theatres in places like this!

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