Texting Tips For Your New Relationship

New Relationship | November 14, 2016

New Relationship Texting Tips

Just like any type of communication, texting also has its own set of rules. Here are some things to do and some things to also avoid while texting with someone new.

  • Don’t Send A Bunch Of Texts At Once

    When it comes to texting someone new in your life, one of the foremost things on people’s mind is how much is too much. You may be afraid to send too many texts for fear that you might come off as desperate. A good rule of thumb is to text your significant other back once they text you; if you want to start the conversation, that is fine, but wait until they reply to message him or her back. In this way, texting should mirror that of a normal conversation.

  • Don’t Over-Analyze And Don’t Text When Angry

    Texting naturally leads to many incorrect assumptions. If a text is vague or if you are confused, whether in a positive or negative way, don’t over-analyze texts. Simply respond with something like “What?! Talk to you later”, instead of trying to hash it out over text message. In this type of situation, it is important to talk face-to-face. This is particularly important when talking to someone new, who you are not used to communicating with. Also, never send a text when you’re angry.

  • Always Add A Positive Spin To Your Texts

    A new relationship is not a time to send negative texts, such as talking about how your boss annoyed you at work today. Until you get to know your partner better, it is beneficial to keep your texts positive for the most part.

  • Send Good Morning And Goodnight Texts

    Sending good morning and goodnight texts tells your partner that you are thinking of them first thing in the morning and before you end your day, creating a sense of intimacy between the two of you.

  • Be Mindful Of Your Partner’s Schedule

    If you know your partner is having a busy day, be mindful of this and avoid texting them too much. While it is fine to send one text his or her way, if you don’t receive a message back, take this is a sign that they are busy.

  • Avoid Playing Games

    Deliberately waiting days to respond to your significant other in order to appear as though you are busy or have more important things going on in your life is not a beneficial way to begin a new relationship. It can create unnecessary arguments and even insecurities within the relationship. While it is perfectly acceptable to wait several hours to respond to a text, it can be a good idea to apologize if it takes you much longer.

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