Things That Instantly Make A Man More Attractive

Blog | February 10, 2015


As much as the physical traits and being attractive are very important there are also the personality attributes that make an attractive man more attractive. Does he carry himself with confidence? It is not what he is wearing but how he wears it. A natural reaction may be hmmm….. I like tall, masculine men with light eyes and a great smile but; as we get older we start to think about what really makes a man more attractive. It is not necessarily about having a “physical type” but for example I am attracted to sexy men but what makes those men sexy? Is it how his T-shirt fits over his broad shoulders or perhaps it truly is more about the intangibles, qualities, values and character traits or at least all of them combined.


• There is nothing sexier than a man who is grounded. A man who has inner strength and confidence. He is humble and although he is in command he is not arrogant. He is a strong man who commands attention and his strong chest does not hurt either. You cannot help but notice him when he walks into a room as his sense of style and the way he carries himself is impossible to ignore. He knows who he is and is proud of the man he has become.


• Strength and vulnerability go hand and hand. A man isn’t strong unless he also allows himself to be vulnerable. He is not afraid to tell you who he is and what his weaknesses are. What you do that turns him on and what he likes and what he does not… He is not afraid to admit what he is afraid of and what he has overcome. In order to have genuine intimacy you also need complete transparency.

Warmth and Generosity

• These two traits seem to go hand and hand. A man who is stingy with his passion or his love is not a good lover. If he holds back on his emotions he is usually insecure and prefers things over people. It is not sexy to sleep with someone who holds back physically or emotionally in the bedroom. Someone who keeps his guard up can become exhausting when you are constantly trying to break down his walls. Warmth is shown through his compassion, his easy smile and sincere laughter and there is nothing sexier than his true kindness. His ability to express his emotions make you want to give love and feel loved!

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