Tips For Calling A Man After The First Date

Blog | October 26, 2015

The days of playing coy are over.

In 2015, with the common culture and attitude of; There is always something better just around the corner, exercising the 5 day rule of calling after a date is a unnecessary risk in my opinion.

Thought should be put into the how the date went and how likely it was that your companion enjoyed themselves. Where there long lulls and lapses in conversation? How did you say goodnight? Was there an awkward handshake or a warm hug?

One should always be honest with oneself about the date. “I had a great time” Does not mean your date will be excited about seeing you again.

If you’re unsure, waiting a day or two is not the wrong thing to do.

If you’re feeling confident and had and electrifying goodnight before you parted ways,  I would advise a follow up text as early as the next day.

Use this opportunity to highlight something you enjoyed during the date like a shared interest you discussed or an enjoyable moment during the date.

But most importantly don’t be afraid to reach out to your date to follow up.

Romance will only die if we allow it to.

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