Some Tips and Pointers for the Gay Male Coming Out

Blog | November 28, 2014



When a gay male comes out whether it is later in life or at an earlier stage for some it is not as easy as others. Although we are living in the 21st century there sometimes is fear associated with letting the people around you know you are gay. Will my parents and family be accepting of my sexual orientation? How will it affect my opportunity to become a partner at the large brokerage house I am working for? Will it change how people view or accept me as a person? Although these are things no one should have to worry about gay men so often do. Be proud of the man you are which is a strong, confident, confused, scared, intuitive, fun-loving exceptional gay man.

Different Is Great

You are who you are and be proud of whom that is. Pretending to be someone your not doesn’t work for anyone. Stand your ground, trust yourself and your feelings and go with it. Your first attraction to a man you may often ignore and explore relationships with a female. You cannot change who you are and what you are feeling. Denial is often the first step before you discover what it is that works for you. Just because you prefer men to women does not change who you are or define you. Remember you are still an intelligent, warm and loving man who has a lot to offer the world and a partner.


Sex and your sexuality is a beautiful thing. It is okay to explore and make sure you do and enjoy guilt free. You will be curious about your body and how you react to different things. It will become apparent what works for you and what doesn’t. Like all human beings some gay men may enjoy many different types of sexual activities and others might just prefer a few. Some find sex is a really important part of their lives, while for others it may not be.

The World Is Changing

Today gay sex is legal in at least 113 countries and gay marriages or legal unions are recognized in at least 36 and parts of others. In most of the west it is not socially acceptable to be homophobic. Unfortunately there are still parts of the world where it is not safe to be a homosexual such as Nigeria, Uganda and Russia to name a few. This is partially a reaction to the spread of gay rights in the west. Prejudice is a sickness and whether it is because you are a different race or color or sexual orientation it will always be present in the world we live in. Nonetheless, there are reasons for optimism and familiarity breeds tolerance. All the LGBT community is looking for is the same freedom that everyone else takes for granted and that they are entitled to. Everyone should be able to love whom they please and to marry whom they love.

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