Too Cold For Outside? 7 Dates You Can Have At Home

Date Ideas | February 27, 2017

Stay-At-Home Date Ideas

If it’s too chilly outside or you simply feel like staying in, here are seven great date ideas that you can have at home.

    1. Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie is perhaps the most classic date option. It just so happens that it can be easily recreated at home. Cook a nice dinner (consider three courses) and dine by candlelight. Don’t forget the soft music in the background. Follow this up by cozying up on the couch with a warm blanket and watching a romantic film. To make it truly feel like you’re at the movie theatre, get yourself some popcorn and a few candies!

    1. A Night in Italy

An excellent twist on the classic dinner and movie date is to have a themed night such as a “Night in Italy,” for example. Make homemade pizzas and follow it up with gelato. Watch an Italian movie such as Life is Beautiful. The great thing about this particular stay-at-home date is that you can do just about any twist.

    1. Set Up Your Own Wine/Whiskey/Beer Tasting

Going to a wine or beer tasting event is a popular date night option; however, you can bring it into your own home by purchasing mini bottles of your particular choice of alcohol and getting yourself some room-temperature water and saltine crackers. There are a lot of online articles that will help you to set up your own wine/beer/whiskey tasting at home.

    1. Games Night

While this isn’t necessarily a classic date night option, playing a board game or doing a puzzle together is a great stay-at-home date option because it gives you a chance to be interactive.

    1. Sports Night

If it’s too cold to go to the ballgame, recreate the experience in your own living room. Turn on a sports game and accompany it with classic stadium foods like nachos.

    1. A Snowy Night Party

Why not take advantage of the cold weather by escaping outside to make a snowman or snow angels? Follow this up by sipping on hot cocoa by the fireplace and cozying up under the blankets.

    1. Cook Together

Cooking classes are a great way for a couple to learn something new together. Do this in the comfort of your own home by cooking something that you haven’t tried before.

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