Top LGBT Travel Destinations

Best Locations | January 4, 2017

LGBT Travel Destinations

Here is a list of some of the top LGBT-friendly travel destinations in the world, which will make your next trip even more magical.

  • Köln (Cologne), Germany
  • If you are looking to travel to Europe and meet a lot of friendly, like-minded people in the process, Köln (Cologne), Germany has a large LGBT community. In fact, one in ten people there is gay! There are a lot of things you can put in your itinerary that aim to celebrate the this community, making your visit even more enjoyable. Whether you visit The Holochrome, Germany’s largest LGBT film festival, or see a piece of history at The Memorial for gay victims of Nazism, you will feel very welcome here.

  • Thailand
  • If you are feeling like travelling to Asia, Thailand will provide you with a range of very gay-friendly tourism options, from its lively ladyboy cabaret shows to nightclubs. These are on on top of its beautiful beaches and stunning limestone cliffs.

  • Palm Springs, US
  • If you want to venture out of the country but not too far, Palm Springs is considered one of the gay and lesbian meccas of the world. This is perfect for a more casual vacation of lounging poolside and doing a little bit of shopping and fine dining. Of course, Palm Springs has some exceptional outdoor activities as well. You can also expect a lot of LGBT-owned accommodations, including a clothing-optional gay resort.

  • Toronto, Canada
  • If you have a more local destination in mind, Toronto is where you need to go, considering that it is one of the most progressive cities in the northern hemisphere. With not one but two gay villages in the city, you will find LGBT-owned hotels, galleries, and other businesses geared toward the LGBT community, as well as a large variety of gay and lesbian bars. It is also home to a number of LGBT-related festivities, including Pride Week celebrations.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • If you have a Middle East vacation in mind, Tel Aviv, Israel, is the most LGBT-friendly place you can go. Did you know that Tel Aviv has the second fastest growing population of gay families in the world?! Indeed, Tel Aviv is very progressive, and you will find a lot of gay bars, along with Tel Aviv Pride, the first gay pride parade in all of Asia and the Middle East.

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