The Two Sides Of Valentine’s Day

Blog | February 14, 2015


February is the month known to be the celebration of romance. Every year on Valentine’s Day millions of people across the world present their loved ones with candy, flowers, chocolates and other lovely gifts. Today Valentine’s Day has become one of the major holidays in North America and is also a booming commercial success. Due to this it has become a day that often causes undue pressure and anxiety for those of us who are single and those of us who are in a relationship as well.

Being Single On Valentine’s Day

• Just because you are single on Valentine’s Day does not mean it is important to surround yourself with other people. Restaurants’ may tend to be filled with couples because that is what they think they should do. Quite frankly an overcrowded restaurant does not make for a fun or an enjoyable dinner. A special dinner at a special restaurant is one where it is not over crowded and the servers have time to cater to you and the chef can prepare a gourmet meal and not one where they are pressured by an overwhelming amount of guests. It is easy to hate Valentine’s Day and some singles do merely because they are on their own and the commercialism of the holiday makes you dwell on the fact you are single. This is not good as it comes in the middle of the winter where depression is most likely to set in. Don’t let it get to you be like the other half of singles who simply just don’t care and remember if you are in a relationship this holiday often causes undue pressure as well.

Being In a Relationship on Valentine’s Day

• Do not give into the pressure of the bigger the gift the better just because it is Valentine’s Day. Is it flowers or chocolate or fine dining or all of the above you feel pressured in to doing because of television commercials or billboards or restaurant ads all around you shoving the romantic holiday in your face? Just remember your partner knows it is the thought that counts. More importantly remember true romance is not buying your partner flowers because it is Valentine’s Day but; it is all about the little things you do every day. For example the book your partner wants to read that he cannot find anywhere and you are out of town and find it at a little book store and buy it for him. That is what truly counts showing you listen every day and truly care. That is true romance!

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