Most Unique Summer Dates To Experience While The Relationship Is Still New

Date Ideas | July 4, 2016

Dates To Grow Your New Summer Relationship

It’s summer and romance is in the air. The warm weather is always a major catalyst for bringing people together and creating those necessary sparks during a budding relationship. Often people worry about planning dates that will stand out and create a memorable experience for both themselves and the other person. Don’t worry! Below are five of the most unique summer dates to experience while the relationship is still new.

Open mic karaoke. Getting on stage in front of strangers for any reason can be nerve wracking, but overcoming that initial fear, and maybe even making yourself look silly, is a great way to bond and let your date know that you are willing to look a little foolish in the name of fun.

Trivia night. Many bars host trivia nights in the summer. You and your date can work as a team to combine your individual skills and knowledge to answer trivia questions, competing against other couples and teams. Teamwork exercises, whether with a romantic interest or otherwise, are a great way to build camaraderie and trust.

Go grocery shopping and plan a dinner. They say that the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Everyone appreciates someone who knows their way around a kitchen. Find a recipe that you and your date can try together and visit a local farmer’s market to pick up some fresh produce. Sharing a meal that you have planned and executed together is a great way to strengthen a budding relationship.

Go to the beach. The beach is a great way to relax outdoors while showing your date a bit of skin. Pack some drinks, snacks and a frisbee or soccer ball and play in the sun with your special someone.

Take an art class. Even if you are not a good artist, a painting or a pottery class is a good way to let your romantic interest know that, even though you might not be Michelangelo, you are not without a creative touch. Laugh at your amateur abilities, or if one of you has a hidden talent, marvel and the creative new person in your life.

In the summer, days are longer and the living is generally easier. It’s the time of year when people look and feel their best. Why not take advantage of all that summer has to offer by trying out some or all of the above summer date ideas for new and developing relationships?

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