What You Wear Matters In Dating

Blog | August 24, 2015

There are many things to consider when going out on a first date, and what you wear is important.

Many of us have heard time and time again that it is what’s on the inside that counts. This is true.  However if you don’t want to unwrap the package due a coffee stained blouse and rumpled trousers to begin with, you may have lost an ideal opportunity to connect with someone.

While one shouldn’t act on a first date like one is being interviewed, some of the same principle considerations apply when considering what to wear.

  •  Wear something you feel confident in

Overly ambitious style choices can leave one feeling flustered and uncomfortable. While we don’t suggest doing away with your signature statement piece, consideration should be made for venue and comfort while still putting ones best foot forward.

  •  Don’t over expose

Gents: Well done. You’ve put in the work at the gym and your pecks rival those of Henry Cavill himself. Trotting out in a tank top to meet the man you may spend the rest of your life with may be a bit much for the intimate dinner your date had in mind. Try a well-tailored blazer instead. This will allow you to show off your body as well as your taste.

Ladies: Major kudos for having the body confidence to show some skin. We are of the opinion that being sexy on a first date doesn’t have to translate to a Kim Kardashian Instagram photo.

Focusing on your favorite body part like your legs, your trim arms, or for those who are less trim, something in an empire waist, will always win visually, as well as offer that extra bit of confidence in your knowledge that you’re putting your best foot forward.

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